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Arcadia Heard Opera House

We have been blessed with some wonderful nights spent at the Historic Heard Opera House. Both, the living and the dead have been wonderful to us and we are so grateful to be allowed in to this beautiful historic landmark.

In the game room at the Arcadia Heard Opera House, we were talking with a lady named Evelyn. We catch her on the SLS and she enjoys interacting by using the flashlight method. 

She enjoys talking to me as you see, the light goes on as soon as I start to talk to her. 

We are in Mr. JJ Heard's office at the Opera house. Earlier via the Ovilus he informed us that he said "come and go" when asked if he stayed here. I asked him if he went to Orlando or Kissimmee and he replies "yes" on the EVP and the investigator with me reads out yes on the Ovilus. 

OK, this one freaked us out. We could not see it or pick it up on the SLS but the EMF readings were all over the place.We were walking in an alley where a dark presence was reported. We started receiving high EMF readings low below our waist, then it would move high up to our sides by the walls and then back low again switching sides. Could this be a crawler? It said it was!

I love when the spirits just have enough. Do you want us to go now? "Yes"

We always respect their wishes and move on,. not saying we won't come back but respect is important in an investigation. 

When walking down Oak Street in Arcadia with Chrissy from the Opera House, she comments on the overgrown bushes. You hear a voice say "No" and then laugh at her.

We are having a conversation watching Evelyn through the SLS camera. We ask her to raise her hands and clap. You can hear her answer our questions on the EVP as Yes and No!

This is a long one but a good one! Chris with SW Florida Paranormal is a great patient investigator who is respectful and thorough. He is working with some phone apps as well as a flashlight and a cat ball. While he did not get any responses with the cat ball, the flashlight was working overtime. 

He found it was a young girl, not from the orphanage that burnt down. Her family worked in the building but there was some slight confusion with the name. 

Great Investigation as always in the Arcadia Historic Heard Opera House!  Keep an eye on their social media for upcoming investigations. 

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