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Ghost Tours SW Florida

Starting with local ghost tours in SW Florida. If you know of anymore, please contact us and we will add them. Thank you for your assistance with this!

True Tours Haunted History Tour

Is Fort Myers haunted? Whether you are a believer in the unseen or not, this 90-minute evening-into-night stroll and ghost tour through our historic district is fun. Learn some of the documented, as well as the undocumented history of this very peculiar little town. Explore the darker side of Fort Myers during the dark on this hauntingly unforgettable 90 minute walking tour!

Fort Myers Beach Haunted Pub Tour

Ft. Myers Beach, FL has some of the best pubs, bars and taverns in SW Florida and some of the most haunted places in the U.S.   This is a unique history tour with stories of the mysterious happenings at some of the best watering holes on this historic beach. 

Punta Gorda Haunted Mystery Tour

Your tour guides will lead you to sites with reported paranormal activity. You’ll hear about the town founders, admire authentic Victorian homes, visit the last artesian well, stand below our majestic banyan tree, and more! Halfway through the tour, you’ll see a live demonstration of ghost hunting technology, and you’ll learn how to use dowsing rods and pendulums for spirit communication. 

Marco Mystery and History Tour

Join us for Marco Island's only mystery historical tour. A 2-hour mystery tour that will not soon be forgotten!!!
Take you on a tour with me, Martha Horror, as your personal guide.
Stops on Marco Island include a cemetery, haunted inn and a 340-year old Indian burial site.

Ghost Tours SW Florida

Downtown Bradenton Ghost Tour

The Paranormal Society of Bradenton, FL offers two ghost tours in the Bradenton area. The Downtown Bradenton Ghost Tour. The Bradenton Beach Ghost Tour is open but is very limited. We pride ourselves in being the 1st Ghost Tour in Bradenton, FL that runs year-round. We strive for excellence and continue to give an informative, interactive and family-fun tour.

Tour 6

Tour 6 description

Tour 7

Tour 7 description

Tour 8

Tour 8 description

Paranormal Investigation Teams in SW Florida

Starting with local Investigation Teams in SW Florida. If you know of anymore, please contact us and we will add them. Thank you for your assistance with this.

SW Florida Paranormal

This paranormal team has two locations, Fort Myers and Phoenix Arizona. It consists of 3 psychic mediums and strong investigation teams that have experience, tools and tech, research team, and evidence analysis abilities. We do not charge unless travel is extreme. Our goal is to help you get the answers you need, get you the resources you need and help with healing and closure. We also perform home energy cleanings, tarot readings, and psychic readings. Contact us via the website or our social media pages.

Explorers of Spirit Phenomena

ESP, El Con Society of the Paranormal was formed in 2009 by Dr. John Head and Terri Rohde.  In 2015 we became a member of True Ghost Stories TV Series, Team Florida. In 2016 ESP transformed into Explorers of Spirit Phenomena. ESP’s mission is to bridge the gap between the living world and the spirit world. We embrace the opportunity we have been .We travel extensively to investigate some of the most haunted locations around the globe. We will gladly investigate your home or business free of charge.

Paranormal Society of Bradenton

This paranormal team leads the Downtown Bradenton Ghost Tour and performs paranormal investigations as well. 

Sarasota Paranormal  Investigative Science

S.P.I.S. was established in 2015. We are a Paranormal Investigation team based out of Sarasota, Florida. We are educated and passionate about the paranormal, and seek to find evidence and answers beyond our own consciousness. 

We offer personal paranormal investigations, at home investigations, spiritual cleansings, home cleansings, Paranormal evidence analysis, and group investigations,

We are one of the only Paranormal Investigating groups to offer group investigations where YOU are the investigator!

Phelan Paranormal

Located in Englewood Florida they are Tiffany and Ryan Phelan, husband and wife paranormal investigators. We use scientific methods. 

Team 6

Team 6

Team 7

Team 7

Team 8

Team 8

Paranormal Equipment Suppliers in SW Florida

We do not know of any suppliers in SW Florida. If you know of anymore, please contact us and we will add them here. We have utilized a few suppliers in the past and listed below are our recommendations.

Ghost Augustine

Ghost Augustine is a reputable company that does investigations, tours and paranormal supplies. Our group using the Para4ce REM, NEM and Shadow masters. We also are currently awaiting the arrival of our SLS camera from this company.

Ghost Stop

Ghost Stop is a reputable company we use as well. We have a Phasm Cam and Light set as well as a SBOX ghost box and SB11 spirit box from them. They were a Florida company but recently relocated to Virginia. 

Store 3

Store 3

Store 4

Store 4

Random Cool Websites We Find

Just some random websites we think were informative to share with you. If you have any good informational sites, please let us know and we may post them here.

Paranormal Societies

Found this to be a cool page that has different paranormal investigation groups national and international. It is good if you are traveling and maybe looking for an investigation or tour. Some groups do not seem to be operating any longer. Some even in this area. 

Haunted Places

Haunted places in a page that has locations on a map you can click on and it tells you a brief summary of the hauntings there. It is a good basis to start doing some of your own digging on the internet to learn more about the site.

Haunted Florida Article

Naples Daily News has an article on Florida haunted areas. Many right here in our backyard. 

Thomas Francis University

  • Thomas Francis University (TFU) offers spiritually-based and metaphysically-based degrees and affordable courses perfect for open-minded students with esoteric interests.

  • Our self-paced courses and degrees are excellent for enhancing practical life-skills, personal skills, and professional skills.

Haunted Florida

Found this to be a cool page that has different haunted locations around the state of Florida with links to reach them and the stories of each location

Link 6

Link 6

Link 7

Link 7

Link 8

  • Link 8

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