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Haunted Southwest Florida!

Searching the internet, we have located several haunted locations right here in our backyard. I will cite the article or website to every location out of respect for the author or source. If you know any other haunted locations in SW Florida, please let us know by contacting us via our social media. Thanks and stay spooky SW Florida. 

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burroughs home, fort myers, florida, haunted


Burroughs Home

The Burroughs daughter, Mona, left the home to the city. The maintenance man contacted the property manager to ask if there was anyone in the building on Monday? The faucet was running in the bath and the motion detectors were going off. This occurred on many other Mondays as well. Maybe someone, or something, wanted a bubble bath and a glass of wine. 

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Historic Palm Cottage

Known as the oldest house in Naples built in 1895. It is now a museum and during its renovation, workers stated tools would be moved and they would feel cold spots in the house. 

palm cottage, naples florida, haunted
koreshan park museum haunted


Koreshan State Park

Cyrus Teed and his followers are known to haunt this state park and museum. He changed his name to Koreshan and developed a religion where he was the messiah. There has been sightings of orbs, shadow people and disembodied voices. 


Rosemary Cemetery

This is a pioneer era cemetery that is stated many eerie things occur in this area. It is also reported that stores go out of business often when they open on this land area. 

rosemary cemetery, naples, haunted
haunted, first national bank, zombies, haunted, ghost


First National Bank Building

Used in the filming of Day of the Dead, they have a reported haunt that runs the stairs in this building.


Cabbage Key Inn

A women with long brown hair has been known to visit guest rooms here. It is said that it is a woman who passed from TB. 

cabbage key inn, haunted
indian spring cemetery, haunted


Indian Spring Cemetery

I know its a cemetery, of course its haunted. This one seems busy based off the reports. Ghost orbs, mysterious lights, shadow figures and disembodied sounds of moans and screams. 


Boca Grande Lighthouse

The lighthouse was first used in 1890. It was abandoned in 1969. A lighthouse keeper had a daughter who died of illness here. There has been reported humming, bouncing a ball or playing jacks on the second floor.

boca grande lighthouse, haunted, ghost
arcadia opera house, haunted, ghost


Arcadia Opera House

In 1905 an orphanage on this property burned down. The next year the Opera House was built on this property. Reports of a little girl who fell out the window haunts this place. There are also disembodied voices reported on the stage. This has been labeled SW Florida's most haunted location. You tell us what you think.


Fort Denaud

Fort Denaud is no longer. It was established in 1838. It was abandoned in 1858 along with all the civilians who lived there. It is now a ghost town with a few structures remaining. 

fort denaud, haunted, ghost, ghosttown


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