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FRIDAY THE 13th of October at CASA SHANTI in Downtown Fort Myers. SW Florida Paranormal is presenting The Livings Guide to the Paranormal. We discuss what type of spirits there are, how they present, tools used to do an investigation and evidence will be shared. This event is free to attend.

Then October 14th, the very next day, we are presenting at the First Annual Paracon at the Haunted Historic Heard Opera House in Arcadia. We are presenting Phantoms of the Opera where we will share evidence and findings room by room captured at the Opera House. This event is free to attend, there will be raffles there and we ask you support the opera house by purchasing raffles for the event.

We are also looking to go with Past is Present Paranormal in Punta Gorda to investigate the Indian Creek Cemetery. This location has many stories and evidence captured. This investigation is open to anyone interested in learning more about the paranormal or if you just enjoy walking the cemetery at night. This event is 20 dollars per person. Reach out if you are interested.

We hope to see you there for one or all of these events. As always, Stay Spooky SW Florida.

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